15 Companies with Amazing Perks and Benefits

If you are a young professional entering the workforce, it is important to select the right career path. Most individuals find that a high salary is not sufficient in itself to make a job satisfying. 

There are other benefits that are also important, such as top-notch health insurance or paid vacation days. Many organizations go beyond these basics, offering their employees a wide range of additional advantages.

Here are 15 companies with amazing perks and benefits.


Well, it’s not every day that we get to write about a partially-remote company with stock options being offered as benefits.

Sunday is an exciting FinTech startup with offices around the world, so it’s also suitable for international professionals. Besides the competitive salary, employees have access to a wide range of benefits – including 100% health insurance and parental leave.


Microsoft’s culture is one of the most rewarding aspects of working for the company. In addition to offering a competitive salary range and an impressive array of benefits, Microsoft also strives to provide its employees with a fun and engaging work environment.

If you want to be part of a company that offers flexibility in the workplace, whether it’s because you have family commitments, are interested in starting your own business venture, or simply want more control over your work schedule, consider Microsoft. 

The company truly makes employees feel valued and appreciated. They offer a great benefits package, which not only includes a plethora of fun perks and benefits, but also a competitive salary.


Roadie’s vision is to enable businesses of all sizes to offer same-day delivery to customers across the country. By leveraging their technology, they are making it faster, cheaper, and easier for businesses to provide their customers with exceptional same-day delivery experiences.

Roadie is a great company to work for. Besides offering competitive pay, their health benefits are huge. They offer medical, dental, vision, and life insurance, as well as a 401k with company match.

Working at Roadie, you will enjoy a flexible schedule with generous part-time off. The best part? You have guaranteed monthly 3-day weekends and all team members are working remotely and enjoying a monthly WFH stipend.


Versapay will give you the opportunity to work on meaningful projects, that have a real impact. You will be challenged and given the freedom to explore and experiment with new technologies which will accelerate your career.

Versapay is a high-growth environment with a unique culture that attracts top talent from all around the world. That’s because you can choose to work remotely and you will be supported along the way.

If working remotely, you won’t be feeling disconnected from the office world. Versapay wants to make sure that its employees are happy and therefore, the company provides its staff with new technologies, educational opportunities, and various team-building activities such as remote scavenger hunts, or cooking classes.


Airbnb provides many benefits to its employees in addition to a competitive salary. In fact, Airbnb offers many perks that are not often seen by other companies in the tech industry.

The corporate culture at Airbnb is unique because of its ability to cater to its employees’ needs. This company provides healthier snacks, more paid leave, and paid time off for volunteering.


Innovation, resourcefulness, and grit are the three attributes Flashtract values most.

The company is led by friendly, accessible leaders who care about employees and customers equally. The office location, benefits, and especially unlimited PTO are bonuses that let employees focus on their work and enjoy a healthy work-life balance.


FM:Systems offers full health care benefits and unlimited PTO. The company gives you ongoing opportunities to advance in your career and learn new skills.

What makes this company so great is not only the actual benefits themselves but also the people. They are all very nice, upbeat, and supportive of each other, even if they don’t know each other on a personal level.

Everyone is willing to help out their colleagues whenever needed, whether it’s with an assignment or personal question about a trip or family matter.

Open Door

This is an amazing opportunity to work for a company with a great reputation and plenty of room for growth. 

Open Door is one of the fastest-growing companies in the United States. They offer an excellent benefits package, a fun workplace, and opportunities to be part of something great!

Besides having huge amounts of sick time and PTO even in your first year, they offer lots of options in terms of healthcare insurance – primary, dental, and vision – all paid by the company.


Spotify has been recognized among the best places to work, and it just might be the place for you!

If you are lucky enough to work for this top digital provider, you will be entitled to some very above-average benefits perks. For instance, new parents who work at Spotify can look forward to up to six months of parental leave. This will allow them time to bond with their new child without worrying about the financial stress that often comes with the responsibility of single parenting.

Lambda School

Lambda School is a 100% online, career-focused school. Students learn by completing group projects and studying a curriculum that covers the skills that employers are looking for. 

Some of the benefits at Lambda School include fully remote work with unlimited PTO, which is highly encouraged for all employees. You get a monthly stipend that you can use for internet, gym, or working from coffee shops. 

Lambda School is also great for parents in terms of work-life balance! If you’re a new parent, you get 3 months off to take care of your newborn.


A career at Ocwen is rewarding and challenging, providing an opportunity for achievement and promotion. 

They offer competitive salaries, benefits, bonus opportunities, tuition reimbursement, and promotions based on performance. In terms of healthcare, employees have a variety of choices.

Ocwen believes in the importance of family. It offers generous PTO and several perks at work such as programs for discounted shopping and awards programs to recognize hard-working employees.

Ocwen has a policy that lets workers take care of sick spouses and children so that they do not have to choose between their jobs and their loved ones. The company also encourages staff members to get involved in community activities outside of the workplace, so that they can contribute even more to their local communities.


The culture at Cypress is great. It’s an exciting place to work, the management team is intelligent and impressive, the product is awesome and loved by customers/users, and the culture is humble, supportive, and kind. 

The staff is well resourced so no one has to do everything with no resources or budget. The employees also have a very respectful work/life balance where people are encouraged to pursue their own goals outside of work so they don’t get burnt out. 

The company is also really respectful of people from different backgrounds and the management is forward-looking, inclusive, and strategic. They’re really generous with compensation, benefits are getting better but decent for a small company.


Salesforce.com is a big believer in perks.

The company makes sure its employees take time off. Salesforce gives them unlimited vacation days each year and lets them take as much time as they need when a family member falls ill. It pays for employees to attend conferences and events related to their work, and it helps workers find child care for their families.

These perks help improve employee retention. Salesforce employs more than 50,000 people in more than 35 countries. It offers a wide range of benefits that vary according to location and role.


Hubspot takes care of its employees. They make sure that their employees have the best work-life balance possible. They offer unlimited holidays, flexible scheduling, wellness programs, and additional time off for those with five years of tenure.

The tuition reimbursement is another perk that employees are able to take advantage of The amount you can get reimbursed for is up to $5000 per calendar year to use for gaining new skills and advancing in your career.


Over the years, Google has continued to up the ante for its employees’ well-being. In addition to providing 100% coverage for preventive care and many self-care services, including doctor visits, prescriptions, contact lenses, glasses, and hearing aids, the company offers a range of benefits that set it apart from much of the rest of Silicon Valley. 

There is free food at all hours of the day and night, gyms with classes like Pilates and dance, on-site doctors and dentists, free massages, and even a concierge service to put employees in touch with local plumbers or electricians.


If you’re planning on changing your current role, you are probably considering several different opportunities. 

You may be looking at positions in your field of study, or you might be considering roles that seem like a better fit for the skills you have acquired over the years. Regardless of what you decide is the right choice for you, it is important to consider all factors when deciding where to advance your career. These can include:

  • Your passion;
  • Further growth opportunities;
  • Benefits and culture;
  • Team.

During the past months, we’ve had the pleasure of hiring for several good companies, including some of the ones mentioned in this article. 

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